Evening prayer

Aug 14 - 20

We will resume Morning Prayer for

everyone interested on August 29, 2022.


M – Ps 106Ps 106; T – Ps 124Ps 125Ps 126Ps 127Ps 124Ps 125Ps 126Ps 127Ps 125; W – Ps 128Ps 129Ps 130Ps 128Ps 129Ps 130; T – Ps 134Ps 135Ps 134Ps 135Ps 134; F – Ps 141Ps 143Ps 141Ps 143; S – Ps 104Ps 104;


Turn us once against to Yourself, O God.

Make Your face to shine down

upon us, that we might be saved.


Blessed are You, Lord God,

Creator of day and night: 

to You be praise and glory forever.

As darkness falls You renew

Your promise to reveal among

us the light of Your presence.  

By the light of Christ, 

Your living Word, dispel the darkness of our hearts that we may walk as children of light and sing Your praise throughout the world.  

Blessed be God: 

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Blessed be God forever.  



The God of Abraham Praise

(This is My Father's World)


The God of Abraham praise,

who reigns enthroned above; 

Ancient of Everlasting Days, 

and God of love; 

Jehovah, Great I Am!  

By earth and heaven confessed; 

I bow and bless the sacred name

forever blessed.


The great I am has sworn; 

I on this oath depend.  

I shall, on eagle wings upborne, 

to heaven ascend.  

I shall behold God’s face; 

I shall God’s power adore, 

and sing the wonders of God’s grace

for ever-more.


The heavenly land I see, 

with peace and plenty blest; 

a land of sacred liberty, 

and endless rest.  

There, milk and honey flow, 

and oil and wine abound, 

and trees of life forever grow

with mercy crowned.


That our evening may be holy, good, and peaceful, 

let us pray with one heart and mind.


Silence for Reflection


As our evening prayer rises before You, O God 

so may Your mercy come down upon us,  

to cleanse our hearts and set us free to sing

Your praise, now and forever.  Amen!



M – Acts 7:44–8:1Ps 106:19–48; Jn 5:19–29;

T   – Acts 8:1–13Ps 124–127; Jn 5:30–47;

W – Acts 8:14–25Ps 128–130Jn 6:1–15;

T   – Acts 8:26–40Ps 134 & 135Jn 6:16–27;

F   – Acts 9:1–9Ps 141 & 143Jn 6:27–40;

S    – Acts 9:10–19Ps 104Jn 6:41–51;



Adoration – Confession – Thanksgiving – Supplication


Our Prayer List

15     Steve & Peggy Jackson, Charles Garrett, Libby Hattaway, Wayne Foster, 

16     Danny & Tammy Kilgore, Lowell & Susan Justice, Diane James,

17     Casey Keith, Ed & Janis Kelly, Amanda James, ANN Holman, 

18     Bob & Vicki Kornegay, Ricky & Sandra Langley, Taylor Kilgore,

19     Billy & Lisa Keith, Matt & Erin Lee, Lucas Crapps, 

20     Michael & Acia Middleton, Danny & Cindy Mulkey, Courtney Keith,



The God of Abraham Praise


The God who reigns on high

the great archangels sing, 

and “Holy, Holy, Holy!” cry, 

“Almighty King!  

Who was, and is, the same, 

and ever-more shall be: 

Jehovah, Lord, the Great I AM, 

we worship Thee!”



The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God the Father, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with us all, now and forever.  Amen!