Evening Prayer

Our Assistant Liturgists

Mon – Martha E.                                    Wed Charlotte M.

Tue – Sara C.                                          Thur – Peggy Jo C.

Fri -

M – 02      Ps 77; Ps 79; Ps 77; Ps 79;

T – 03       Ps 78; Ps 78;

W – 04      Ps 81; Ps 82; Ps 81; Ps 82;

T – 05       Ps 85; Ps 86; Ps 85; Ps 86;

F – 06       Ps 91; Ps 92; Ps 91; Ps 92;

S – 07        Ps 136; Ps 136;

S – 01        Ps 34; Ps 34;



Father, we come 

into this time of prayer

redeemed by the blood of Christ.

O God, we come

to sit at Your feet again

in order to hear the Word of Christ.

Loving Lord, we come

empty from today’s service

to be filled with the Spirit of Christ.

Thanks be to God.


Lord, hear our prayer 

and come quickly!

Lord, help us and deliver us.


Blessed are You, Lord God, 

Creator of day and night: to You 

be praise and glory forever.

As darkness falls You renew 

Your promise to reveal among us 

the light of Your presence.

By the light of Christ, 

Your living Word, dispel the darkness from our hearts that we may walk

as children of the light and sing 

Your praise throughout the world.

All praise be to You, Almighty God –

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Amen!



M – 02

Ps 77 & 79; Mk 8:11–21

T – 03

Ps 78:40–72; Mk 8:22–33

W – 04

Ps 81 & 82; Mk 8:34–9:1

T – 05

Ps 85 & 86; Mk 9:2–13

F – 06

Ps 91 & 92; Mk 9:14–29

S – 07

Ps 136; Mk 9:30–41



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The Lord’s Prayer

Our Father in heaven, holy is Your Name;

Your Kingdom come; Your will be done

on earth as in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread and 

forgive us our sins as we forgive 

those who sin against us.

Lead us away from the time of trial 

and deliver us from evil, for the Kingdom,

the power, and the glory are Yours, 

now and forever.  Amen!



Bless the Lord, O my soul, O my soul

Worship His only Name

Sing like never before, O my Soul

I worship Your holy Name

I worship Your holy Name



Beloved, May the peace 

of Christ be yours tonight!

May the love of the Lord 

enfold You tonight!

May the rest of the Lord 

be ours tonight.

Thanks be to God.  Amen!


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