We the Christian family of Blakely First United Methodist Church are called of God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to provide an environment of acceptance and unconditional love through worship, fellowship, teaching and service that equip us to make disciples by sharing our faith and ministering to the needs of others.

news and events


    Due to Covid - 19 and Sickness in the Church and Community

    In House Service will be held this Sunday, February 7th in the Fellowship Hall.  Their will be ONE joint service at 10 AM. You may also watch Sunday online on Zoom and FB at 10 AM.  Please make plans to join us!

    No Sunday School Classes at this time.

    No Wednesday Night Youth, Kingdom Kids Or Xtreme Classes at this time.

  • Morning & Evening Prayer

    8 AM – Morning Prayer

        8 PM – Evening Prayer

    Watch on Zoom or FB

  •                   Kingdom Kids/Xtreme

    Even though we aren't meeting in person, Kingdom Kids has several ways you can get involved. Beginning January 27, 2021, we will be having Wednesday afternoon Zoom meetings at 5:00 pm--the same time as Kingdom Kids.

    Join  the Zoom Meeting through this link:
    Meeting ID: 738 7809 8547
    Passcode: kingdomkid


    Also, Kingdom Kids should be on the lookout for a special package in the mail. It contains Bible studies, fun activities, and a few surprises! Save your lessons in the envelope provided and return them in March when Kingdom Kids resumes for lots of Bible Bucks! We will be visiting the store when you come back, so you'll want those bucks!


    Both the Clothing Room and the SonShine Shop are taking donations.  Hours for the Clothing Room - 1:00-4:00 p.m. and SonShine Shop - 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (The SonShine Shop is currently CLOSED, reopening day and time TBA.) If you have any donations of clothes / household items please call the church office for a scheduled drop off.  229-723-3069                          Thank you for your support.          

pastor's corner

We are getting closer to a change of season. Soon, we will move from winter into spring. And on the Church Calendar, we will move from Epiphany (the season of manifestation) to Lent (the season of suffering). During Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday, February 17, and continues to Easter Eve, April 3, we explore those scriptures which tell of Jesus’ persecution at the hands of the religious leadership and eventually His suffering and death. It is during Lent, the 40 days – excluding Sundays – before Easter, that the church prepares itself to celebrate the Resurrection.  We do this through self-examination.  Lent is a time for us to consider how we are in conflict with Jesus and the way that He modeled for us.  It is a time for us to think about how our sins, our failures, our brokenness, became the reason for His suffering and death.  This realization should lead us to cleansing through confession and repentance. Perhaps you’ve heard about the young lad who came to the supper table without washing his hands first.  As he reached for a piece of chicken, mom caught sight of the dirt.  She slapped his hand and said: “Young man, you march yourself right into that bathroom and wash those hands.  And don’t you ever bring those germs to my table again.”  He jumped up from the table, chin bowed to his chest, and slowly walked toward the bathroom and under his breath, he said: “Jesus and germs!  Jesus and germs!  That’s all I ever hear about and I haven’t ever seen either one.”

Friends, as we come before the Lord in worship, prayer and praise, as we seek to love others and serve them in the Name of Jesus, it is important that we have “clean hands,” that we come to the Lord for cleansing.  The great hymn says: “There is a foundation filled with blood … and sinners plunged beneath that flood lose all their guilty stains.”  So, come!  Let’s celebrate a holy Lent with this prayer on our lips: “Give us clean hands; give us pure hearts; let us not lift our souls to another.”

Pastor Tucker