We the Christian family of Blakely First United Methodist Church are called of God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to provide an environment of acceptance and unconditional love through worship, fellowship, teaching and service that equip us to make disciples by sharing our faith and ministering to the needs of others.

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      9AM     – Contemporary Worship

    10AM     – Sunday School
    11AM      – Traditional Worship

    10:45 Fellowship Time will be resume in June

    Nursery is available Sunday's and Wednesday Nights.

    Wednesday Night Kingdom Kids / Xtreme Classes - 5 PM

    Wednesday Night Youth Class - 7 PM

  • Morning & Evening Prayer

    8 AM – Morning Prayer

        8 PM – Evening Prayer

    Watch on Zoom or FB

  •                    Senior Sunday!

    Join us Sunday, May 16th for Worship, as we celebrate our graduating 2021 Seniors! 

    Ms. Gillian Still

    Ms. Kate McGill Hattaway

    Ms. Alyson Drew

    A meal will follow in the Fellowship Hall.


    Wednesday, June 16 @ 6:30

    Covered Dish Supper Personal Testimonies Songs of Praise


                       Discovery on Adventure Island                   “The Quest for GOD’S Great Light!”                           

    VBS 2021 @ Blakely First UMC

    July Sun. 11th— Thurs.15th - 5:00—7:30 PM

    Volunteers needed-Please see Mrs. Crystal or call the church office 723-3069.



        pastor's corner



As we sat in the den, watching The Disney Channel, Charlotte and Rachel and Tucker Jr. were glued to the tube.  But I frequently interrupted my latest book to take frequent glances at the watch.  Then, I made the grand announcement: “Aight, Kids: time to get going.”  The reaction was often the same: a gasp, a groan, and a grumble, “O Daddy, do we have to?”

By the grace of God, churches near and far are moving beyond Covid and returning to “normal” church activities.  The announcement has been made: “Aight Kids: time to get going!”  How will we respond?  Some aren’t ready; some are eager; and some are hesitant.  AND THAT’S OKAY!!

About this time last year, I began to ask a question: “God, what are You trying to say to me, teach me, in the midst of Covid?”  And the answer came!  Deep within my soul, I “felt,” “heard,” “sensed” the Lord say: “Who you are is more important to me than what you do?”  So, in my frustration over inactivity, over shutdown church schedules, I went to work on me.  I took a deeper look within.  I discovered: I’m not the man I think I am!  I’m not the man I need to be!  I’m not the man God wants me to be!

How do I change that?  How do I become a more perfect reflection of God to others?  How do I love more, complain less?  And I determined to: Read more, especially Scripture; pray more; and learn to practice a new Spiritual Discipline.  At first, the Covid frustration didn’t allow me to read.  I couldn’t concentrate and I couldn’t recall what I read.  My frustration only grew when I was unsuccessful in learning a new spiritual practice.  And other than, my daily prayer times – 8AM and 8PM – I was unable to “pray more.”  (I’m thankful that I didn’t pray less though)

So, as our Father says: “Aight!  Time to get going!”  I have an interesting feeling inside … A Gasp, a Groan, a Grumble, “O Daddy, do I have to?!!!  Part of me is eager to do “normal church;” another part of me wants to stay on the mountain with God until I get it right or until He gets me right.  Part of me wants to do everything we did before; another part of me wants to do it better!  Part of me wants to preach, teach, visit, lead; another part of me wants to read, pray, and practice.  So, what am I – WHAT ARE YOU – to do?

May I suggest a path forward?  Let’s not return to normal!  Let’s return to better!  Let’s do what we did before, but better!  Let’s stop and reflect on the lessons – for individuals and for our church – God meant for us to learn during Covid and seek to apply those lessons.  Let’s love each other more and really show it.  Let’s love God more and allow our time with Him in prayer and scripture to reflect that!


Pastor Tucker