We the Christian family of Blakely First United Methodist Church are called of God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to provide an environment of acceptance and unconditional love through worship, fellowship, teaching and service that equip us to make disciples by sharing our faith and ministering to the needs of others.

news and events

  • Worship with us!

    Sunday Morning

    9:00 AM  - Lift Contemporary Service - Fellowship Hall

    9:00 AM  - Kingdom Kids

    9:50 AM  - Fellowship in the Friendship Hall

    10:00 AM - Sunday School

    11:00 AM - Traditional Service - Sanctuary

    07:00 PM - Youth

    *A Nursery is provided for all services.

    Wednesday Night

    5:00 PM - Kingdom Kids / Xtreme

    5:30 PM - Bible Study - Parlor

    6:30 PM - Family Night Supper

    7:00 PM - Youth - Youth House

    7:00 PM - Choir Practice


        8 AM Morning Prayer - 8 PM – Evening Prayer

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  • Visitation Sunday     March 19th – 3-5 pm

    Everyone is welcome to come and participate in Visitation Sunday. Whether you call, text, make a card, or visit we all want to share in this ministry and reach those in need. Join us Sunday, March 19th at 3 o’clock in the Friendship Hall. 

  • operation christmas child shoebox

    We are kicking off our Operation Shoebox Donations! These items and more will be collected throughout the year, in preparation for our packing party held in November.

    Items you can bring in now and place in the collection boxes in the Fellowship Hall: 

    Individual bars of soap,  Children’s Socks, and  Children’s Underwear/Panties

    If you don’t have time to shop and would like to make a donation for this year’s collection, make your check out to the church and mark it “Shoebox”.


  •                        The Son Shine Shop

    The Son Shine Shop has new hours

                                 They will be open every Tuesday  12 noon until 5:30 PM                                                                   *(They will not open on Saturdays)

               The Son Shine Circle will meet Monday, March 13th at 5 pm                           in the Friendship Hall.  Our program will be Women’s Health. 

        All ladies are welcome to attend!




A HOLY LENT: Practicing the Means of Grace


The Church entered the season of Lent following our Ash Wednesday Service on February 22nd.  Lent is a time of self-examination, prayer, and self-denial.  In Lent, we turn a little inward, not in a negative or self-demeaning way, but in honesty before the Lord, allowing God to do a deeper work of love and grace within us. 

Thus, when I think about Lent, I immediately consider The Means of Grace.  The means of grace are ordinances of the Church or spiritual practices through which God works in our lives and through which we maintain a healthy, vibrant, ever-deepening relationship with God.  As Methodists, we live with the call of John Wesley on our lives, living by “Three General Rules,” 1) Do No Harm; 2) Do Good; and 3) Stay in Love with God.

So, how does one “Stay in love with God”?  Here are a few suggestions:
Stay in love with God through Private and Corporate Worship!  In the early church, “
All the believers met together constantly … they worshipped together constantly … they worshiped together at the Temple each day.  Worship shouldn’t be a weekly duty or a dull routine.  Worship, privately or publicly, is meant to be rich and full and freeing.  Through worship, we stay in love with God.

Stay in love with God through Reading and Studying Scripture!  Luke tells us the early church “devoted themselves to the Apostle’s teachings.  The Apostle’s teachings were, of course, a repetition and recollection of the things Jesus taught them and their own personal insights as the growth of the church demanded new application of Jesus’ principles.  These were often expressed in letters which later became the New Testament.  The Word of God is the most valuable resource we have for staying in communion with God.  Through it, we hear God’s voice speaking, calling to us.

Stay in love with God through Keeping the Sacrament!  Luke said the early church “devoted themselves to the breaking of the bread,” which is a reference to two incredible things, The Agape Meal and The Lord’s Supper, which usually happened at the same time.  Every time they ate together, the early church remembered the suffering and death of Jesus.  In this way, they (and we) reminded themselves of Jesus’ great sacrifice for them and received forgiveness and spiritual strength.

Stay in love with God through Prayer!  Luke said the early Christians “devoted themselves to the apostle’s teaching, to fellowship, and … to the prayers.  Notice “the prayers,” meaning they prayed at set hours or set times every day.  Usually, this was 3 times a day, roughly equating to our mealtimes.  But they prayed as a means of staying in connection, in intimacy with God!

During Lent, our weekly Bible Study time is being dedicated to the study of these Means of Grace (and others) through Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline.  You are invited to join us every Wednesday at 5:30.

                                                          Grace and Peace to You All …

Pastor Tucker