We the Christian family of Blakely First United Methodist Church are called of God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to provide an environment of acceptance and unconditional love through worship, fellowship, teaching and service that equip us to make disciples by sharing our faith and ministering to the needs of others.

news and events

  • this week at blakely fuMC

    November 13 - Son Shine Circle meets at 5 pm

    November 15 - Yount at Hearts meet at 11 am

    November 21 - Nursing Home Visitation, 10:15 am

    November 22-24  - Church office closed for Thanksgiving Holidays

    November 22 -  No Wed. night activities

  • upcoming events

    November 27 - Grief Support Group meets at 7 pm

  • special events

    November 23 - THANKSGIVING, giving of Thanksgiving plates, church office closed

    November 26 - Hanging of the Greens at 4:30 pm

    November 28 - UMM Ladies Night at 7 pm


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pastor's corner

     Rev. Donald "Scott" Brenton

Charge Conference

Sunday, November 12

Greetings in Christ,

Okay, so... Our Charge Conference is coming up on Sunday, November 12.  All the churches in our district will be meeting together.  This will ba a change to our usual routine.  Some like it.  Some don't.  I thiink of it more as a logistics thing - with over 100 congregations on our district, it makes more sense for us to all meet together rather than have the DS travel all over southwest Georgia in a whirlwind of meetings.

Meeting in mass like this does not mean that our charge conference is any less important.  In fact, it places the responsibility for our charge conference squarely on our shoulders.

Charge Conference is, of course, the time when our congregation celebrates the past year's ministries.  However, and most importantly, Charge Conference is where we look forward to, and arrange ourselves for, the ministry for the coming year.  We accept the "charge" to respond to and carry out the hope and demands of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this place.  

In preparation for our Charge Conference there will be a flurry of meetings and paperwork.  You may be asked to serve on a committee.  Regardless of the role you may play in the life of our congregation - each and every one of us should pray: pray for leaders, resources, the "want to", for the energy, and the grace of God.

So, in the name of Jesus Christ, I "charge" you to pray for our Charge Conference on November 12.

We will accomplish nothing worthwhile without Christ (John 15:5).  So pray!

May God be with you, 

Bro. Scott

See you Sunday!