We the Christian family of Blakely First United Methodist Church are called of God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to provide an environment of acceptance and unconditional love through worship, fellowship, teaching and service that equip us to make disciples by sharing our faith and ministering to the needs of others.

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  • Worship with us!

    Sunday Morning

    9:00 AM  - Lift Contemporary Service - Fellowship Hall

    9:50 AM  - Fellowship in the Friendship Hall

    10:00 AM - Sunday School

    11:00 AM - Traditional Service - Sanctuary

    11:00 AM - Kingdom Kids

    07:00 PM - Youth

    *A Nursery is provided for all services.

    Wednesday Night

    5:00 PM - Kingdom Kids / Xtreme

    5:30 PM - Bible Study - Parlor

    6:30 PM - Family Night Supper

    7:00 PM - Youth - Youth House

    7:00 PM - Choir Practice


        8 AM Morning Prayer - 8 PM – Evening Prayer

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  • Church Planning Day  - January 14th

    Saturday, January 14th 9AM - 12 PM. We will come together to plan our year together. All elected officers Church Council and committees are asked to attend. All are welcome! 

  • YOUNG AT HEART - Jan. 18th

    Young at Hearts will meet Wednesday, Jan. 18th at 11:30 AM in the Fellowship Hall. Bring a covered dish, meat will be provided. Please call the church office by Wednesday, Jan. 11th if you plan to attend. See you there! 

  • sharing God's love tea party! - Feb. 12th

    All teens, girls, and ladies are invited to a "Sharing God's Love Tea" Sunday, Feb. 12th from 3-4 pm in the Fellowship Hall. Special guest speaker will be Mrs. Ellen Jeter.

A few weeks ago, Lisa came into my office with the annual gift … a United Methodist Program Calendar.  This gift always contains the Liturgical Dates, the Lectionary Readings, and lots of emptiness waiting to be filled.  It’s 2023, a brand-new year.  So, I went to work.  First, I filled in the important things … Young at Hearts, Nursing Home Ministry, Clothing Room and Sunshine Shop dates, UMMen meetings, WoF meetings, and finally, vacation and planning retreats.  Then, my calendar which was once filled with lots of emptiness wasn’t so empty anymore.

      I’m so blessed to shepherd an active congregation.  Our church schedule has lots of activities across the spectrum of interests, ages, and abilities.  If you’re part of our family and can’t find something to do, you’re not looking hard enough.  We’re active!  And so, we begin another calendar year, 2023.  What shall we do?

      As I reflected on the coming New Year, I was drawn to Paul’s words to the church at Philippi: “This one thing I do … I forget the things behind me and reach out for the things ahead of me.  The goal I pursue is the prize of God’s upward call in Christ Jesus” (Phil 3:12-14).  And in those very personal words, I found the call of God for me and Blakely First Methodist Church in 2023.

      First, forget the past!  The past year(s) has been an experience; hasn’t it?  There have been many negative things that have happened to us, individually and collectively!  We struggled through Covid and then, struggled to recover from its impact on church life.  We had sicknesses and deaths within our church family that have rocked the foundations of our faith.  We had programs and activities that just didn’t achieve the goals we set.  There were spats with family and friends, disagreements and discouragements.  Let’s forget them!

      But there were also some really good things that happened in recently memory!  We had baptisms; members joining the church; new faces and voices; worship that uplifted us; studies that inspired us; and ministries that brought the best of us out in service to each other and others.  We saw lights of inspiration flame aglow in the eyes of young and old alike.  There were answered prayers and moments of great insight and profound growth in Christ.  I wonder … could we forget them too!

      Second, Reach Out for things Ahead!  What might God want for us and from us in 2023?  Deeper loyalty to our church family?  Deeper commitment to prayer and study?  New spiritual practices?  New friendships?  Relationships that move beyond surface-level interactions?  What is the “Upward call of God in Christ Jesus” for us?  Can we reach for it … Individually and collectively?

      Third, Hit the Target!  God’s goal for each of us is Spiritual Maturity, Christian Perfection!  It is the target for which we all must aim.  John Wesley asked us: “Are you moving on to perfection?  Then, he instructed us that perfection is LOVE – “You will love the Lord your God … and you will love your neighbor.  Could we possibly live 2023 – in our actions and reactions – motivated by love of God and love of others?  What impact would that make on our church life?  On our community?

      So, the new calendar is here!  Let’s pursue holiness, perfection in Christ together!

                                                                                                   Pastor Tucker