We the Christian family of Blakely First United Methodist Church are called of God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to provide an environment of acceptance and unconditional love through worship, fellowship, teaching and service that equip us to make disciples by sharing our faith and ministering to the needs of others.

news and events

  • this week at blakely fuMC

    July 4 - Church Office closed for Independence Day Holiday

    Clothing Room open every Tuesday, 1-4 pm.

    There will be NO Wednesday Night activities during the Summer Break!  KK/Xtreme, Youth, Choir and Family Night Supper will start back in August!
  • upcoming events

    July 10 - Son Shine Circle Fun Day

    July 12-15 - UMW Epworth by the Sea, Mission U

    July 15 - Private Event, 1-4 pm

    July 15 - Kolomoki Camp Worker Appreciation, 6:30 pm

    July 16-19 - United Methodist Pastors School, Epworth

    July 17 - Nursing Home Visitation, 10:15 am

    July 17 - Son Shine Shop, reopens 9am-12noon

    July 21 - Church Wide Fish Fry, 12 noon, Kolomoki State Park

    Schools start back

  • special events

    July 4 - Independence Day Holiday


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pastor's corner

     Rev. TUCKER A. lEWIS, sR.

      Why Do You Have a Plus Sign on Your Wall?

One day, I was taking a Cub Scout Den on a tour of the church.  As we entered the sanctuary, it wasn't hard to tell which of the boys had been in church and which had not.  The churched kids seemed a little quieter and stiller in the sanctuary, while the unchurched kids acted no different.  But I was especially troubled by Little Johnny's reaction.  After we had been in the sanctuary for several minutes, Little Johnny pointed to the cross that adorned the wall behind the pulpit.  He said: "Pastor Tucker, why do you have a plus sign on your wall?" It was then that I realized Little Johnny didn't even know about Jesus, the cross, God's love , or salvation.  Little Johnny knew nothing!  And Little Johnny wasn't a child in a far, distant country; Little Johnny was one of us, one of our children, who for whatever reason had fallen through the cracks.

Does it trouble you that just around the corner or down the street or across town are a bunch of Little Johnny's and Little Sally's, children - young and old - who don't know the Old, Old Story of Jesus and HIs Love?  The only time they hear the name of God is in a string of 4 letter words that would make a sailor blush.  Some have been taught to think of God as a cosmic Santa, mildly sitting by waiting to be called on in the next crisis.  Remember Church:  Their hunger is our responsibility!  Let's give them something to eat.

Grace and Peace … Tucker